Who We Are

Stone House 1891 is ice-cold Canadian craft beer, local Ontario wines and delicious handmade cocktails, combined with awesome views, great music and relaxed friendly service.

We serve up tasty farm-to-table dishes and cocktails, all made from scratch with ingredients sourced from Island and regional farms and markets. Microwave? Never heard of it. We use our 800° wood-burning oven because everything just tastes better that way. All this goodness is served up to you as you kick up your feet on our lakefront deck, play games on the outdoor patio or dine in our fancy barn.

We’re confident that your trip to Stone House 1891 will be the highlight of your trip to Pelee Island. And don’t forget to try our delicious roasted gourmet chocolate, made right here in our kitchen.

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Our History

Pelee Island’s Stone House 1891 isn’t too far from the mainland, but it’s far from ordinary. Straddling the U.S./Canada border in the middle of Lake Erie, it offers an authentic glimpse of history. The original Stone House was built in 1891 on the same site where it stands today facing out to the west over beautiful Lake Erie. Originally built by Freemason Joe Lowe, the house took much longer than his wife expected. After four long years of her praying for its completion, the house was finally finished. Fixed to the crest of the Stone House’s roof is a larger-than-lifesize pair of praying hands, said to be carved by the Freemason himself as a tribute to his wife’s devotion and patience.

After being a home to many Islanders over the ensuing years, the Stone House saw life in the 20s and 30s as the Island’s liquor store. It was during these U.S. prohibition years when it was rumoured to have been frequented by members of Al Capone’s infamous Purple Gang who used the southern tip of Pelee Island as a launching point for late-night runs under the cover of darkness to the nearby U.S. islands of Kelly’s, South Bass and Middle Bass.

Now, years later, the Stone House is reborn once more, serving guests and weary travellers with Pelee Island’s unique blend of Southern Latitude and Friendly Attitude.